Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hairstyling Station

This is both functional and whimsical, this window style mirror features a colorful window box just right for storing brushes, mousse and any other accessories your little girl might need to get ready in the morning.

Think about it, it could free up bathroom time for the entire family .

Materials :

Window style mirror(sold at many department stores)
Plastic shower caddy the type with suction cups on back
Hot glue/silk flowers/or anything to decorate with .


First attach hooks to the upper corners of the mirror frame by drilling starter holes in the wood. You will need 1/2 inch screws.

Next transform the shower caddy into a window box by removing the suction cups from the back. Then predrill a couple of screw holes in the lower portion of the mirror frame that will match up with the holes in the back of the caddy.

Turn the screws into the holes until the heads stick out of the wood a quarter of an inch. Then hang the caddy from the screw heads.

For a finishing touch hot glue silk flowers, butterflies anything you want.

Hang and fill shower caddy with supplies.

Note... If you can't find the window style mirror, maybe an old window frame would work and have a mirror inserted.

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