Thursday, September 24, 2009

No Sew Slipper Socks

Oh My Gosh !!! What an idea!!!

Padding around the house in warm wool socks is a cozy comfort that sometimes can be slippery!! Right?

Wellll! I have found you a solution. For more solid footing, add soles.


Thick socks
scrap of cardboard
Pencil/scissors/sewing pencil/iron
Suede fabric
Fusible webbing

How to:

1. Pull the socks onto your feet.Stand on a piece of cardboard,and trace both feet with a pencil:cut cardboard along lines.Remove socks. Use a sewing pencil to trace the templates on suede fabric and fusible webbing, a material that bonds fabrics together:cut them out.

2.Slide a cardboard template into each sock,positioning it where you want to iron on new soles. Place fusible webbing between suede fabric and socks sole. Iron according to webbing directions and remove cardboard.

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