Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kid's In/Out Box

It starts in preschool and just seems like it never stops.!! The endless papers to be signed and returned to school. And lets not forget the permission slips and report cards.

One solution is a family in and out box system that serves as a visual reminder to kids when they're loading and unloading there backpacks.

Material Needed:

1 Transparent office paper sorter(about 9.00 at office supply store)
Labels and Marker
2 small sheet rock screws and driver


1. Mount the transparent office paper sorter at eye level, just above your child's backpack.

2. Label one slot for each child and another for parents.

3. Each day after school, kids hang their backpacks, remove important papers, and place them in your slot, you read them, sign them and place them back into your child's slot. The child then returns them to the backpacks the next morning.

Great Idea !!!

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