Friday, September 25, 2009

Lavender Pillows

These little pillows will do wonders for your mood !! Packed with lavender.

These pillows were made with taffeta, which I think is a good choice. Something soft, cool, and pretty.

The small pillow is 4 1/2 inch square and the larger one is 7 x 15.

To make :

Cut two pieces of fabric to the same size. Sew the fabric pieces together , right sides facing, leaving a 2 inch opening. Clip the corners diagonally, and turn the fabric right side out.

Fill the pillow with dried lavender and if you wish , flax seed, which will give it a nice texture and weight.

Hand stitch the opening closed. Make several in different shapes and sizes even a neck roll or sachets would be heavenly .

Christmas gifts !!!

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