Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Custom Doormat

Welcome guests--and reassure them that they're ringing the right bell- with a mat displaying your house number

You need

Coir doormat/scissors/masking tape in 3 and 3/4 inch widths/address numbers/card stock/utility knife/ruler/T pins/12 ounce can spray paint

How to

Create a border around its perimeter with a 3 inch tape, positioning it 1 1/4 inches from edge. For a second border,affix 3/4 inch tape, leaving a 1/2 inch between borders. Print out figures, then photocopy onto card stock,and cut out with a utility knife, or choose 6 inch numbers from your hardware store.Use a ruler to center numbers;pin paper ones to mat.

In a well ventilated area,hold spray can 4-6 inches over mat and work in small circles;bring closer to paint edges of mat

Let dry 2 hours before removing tape and numbers

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