Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fanciful Indoor Herb Gardens

Catnip Cat Dish-- Humans aren't the only ones who enjoy herbs. Treat your cat by planting feline friendly herbs in aluminum or stainless steel pet bowls. The no slip bottoms will keep the containers in place when kitty comes nosing around. Be sure to drill drainage holes. Herbs for cats:catnip and lemongrass.

Toaster Garden-- Turn a broken toaster into a fanciful herb holder. Remove the toaster's electrical innards,and leave the bottom open. Use a brick to put potted herbs at the right height to grow out of the toaster slots.

Teacup Herbarium-Plant a tea garden in your kitchen window with large ceramic teacups. Use a jeweler's bit to drill small holes in the bottoms of the cups for drainage. Herbs for tea:English mint,chamomile,pineapple sage,and orange mint.

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