Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lacy Votive Holders

Create sturdy candle holders from lace saturated with fabric stiffener. Filled with lea lights in glass containers, these luminaries can be positioned alone or in groups around a room or along a mantel for instant ambience.

How to

Use rectangular pieces of lace in several sizes to make a variety of votive holders. The long side of the lace will determine the circumference of the finished item. They used pieces that were 5 inches wide and 14-21 inches long.

Cut lace into a rectangle in the desired size. Trim one of the long sides.which will be the top of the votive holder,following the lace's motif. Sew across the bottom with a loose running stitch and connect the 2 ends. Pull the thread,gathering the bottom into a tight circle and knot. Whip stitch the short sides together.

Place a balloon inside the lace,and then blow it up to fit the laces dimensions. Set the balloon upright in a paper cut so the lace form is upside down. Arrange the gathered lace to create an even bottom. Spray with fabric stiffener until saturated. Let dry.

Pop the balloon.

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