Monday, February 22, 2010

Tubular Frame

This would be a great craft for a bunch of tween's. Add a favorite picture or drawing to one of thee paper frames and you've got the perfect gift for someone special.

You need

Cardboard/scissors/colored paper magazine pages,gift wrap/tape/glue/dowel or round chopstick

How to

First trim a piece of cardboard into a rectangle for the frame and cover it with a piece of colored paper. Fold a small piece of cardboard and tape it to the back of the frame for a support.
Next,wrap pieces of colored paper around the dowel or chopstick, gluing or taping the edge of the paper in place.Remove the paper tube and glue or tape it to the frame.

Repeat the process with more tubes, filling in any spaces with smaller pieces and leaving room in the center for the picture. Attach picture with double sided tape or glue.

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