Saturday, February 13, 2010

Take me Home Infant Shirt

This project comes to us by Jill Green, what a cute idea and so very simple. Spruce up the basic kimono style infant shirt.

You need

1 newborn sized kimono style snap shirt
1 yard 1/4 inch wide ric rac
2 buttons

Unsnap the shirt and pin the ric rac in place following the line of the existing seam. Leave approx one inch overhang on each end

Fold the ends of the ric rac around the bottom shirt hem and line up with the inside seam. Top stitch over ric rac, back stitching at the beginning and the end. The top stitch should catch the folded over ric rac to hold it in place inside the shirt

Sew buttons on top of the front two snaps,sewing through the center of the snap. When the button is secure, tie the knot behind the button on the outside of the shirt(not inside in the center of the snap opening

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