Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Felt Butterfly Sachet

These soft sachets, which borrow their shapes from nature,make pretty handmade presents.

How to

Draw a butterfly template and cut it out of card stock

Cut pieces of link felt, white felt, and fusible webbing using fabric shears. Stack,with webbing in middle making sure you've removed the paper backing. Iron,following webbing manufacturers instructions. Lay template on felt, trace with disappearing ink pen, and cut out.

Cut two 4 inch squares of pink felt. On 1 square place butterfly 1 1/2 inches from 1 corner. Using a sewing machine,sew along mid line.

PIN wings in from edges. Sew butterfly square to other square right sides facing out on 4 sides,leave a 1/2 inch seam allowance and a 2 inch gap on 1 side. Trim corners at 45 degree angles.

Turn pouch inside out;unpin wings. Fill pouch with lavender or as desired, hand sew gap shut

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