Thursday, February 11, 2010

Slipcovered Headboard

We are getting ready to do our master bedroom next, so I have been looking for headboard ideas, and I found this one, thought you might like it too.

A simple cover refinishes an old wooden headboard. Choose heavyweight fabric for this project. Make a Kraft paper pattern by tracing the headboard and add 1/2 inch to the top for seam and 3/4 inch to both sides and bottom.

With right sides facing , pin the front panel to one edge of the strip. Sew, using a half inch seam allowance. Repeat with the back panel and the other edge of the strip. Press seams open.

Hem the perimeter of the entire slipcover. Turn under 1/4 inch and press turn under again 1/2 inch and press Then stitch along the entire perimeter

You will need 8 tie tabs for one headboard. For each tab,cut a strip of fabric 9 inches long by 2/1/2 inches wide. Make a fabric tube. Trim the seams, and turn the tube right sides out

Pin the unfinished edges of the upper and lower sets of tie tabs to desired location on the slipcover. Set the tabs to the cover;drape the slipcover over the headboard and tie the tabs.

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