Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fabric Scraps Bowl

Coil fabric scraps into a bowl that can corral your pocket change.

You need
100 percent cotton rope 1/4 inch diameter
Decorative thread for bobbin
Regular sewing thread for top

How to

Cut fabric into 45x1 inch strips. Wrap a fabric strip over one end of the ropes,slightly overlapping fabric so the rope does not show through. Coil fabric wrapped rope;hand tack at center.

Continue wrapping rope with fabric, adding strips randomly or in a pattern, and coiling fabric wrapped rope, machine zigzag stitching to secure the coils together. Shape bowl by angling coils upward while zigzag stitching.

When desired shape and size is reached, cut rope, wrap end with fabric, and secure with zigzag stitches.

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