Saturday, February 20, 2010

Water Bottle Holder

Hydrate in style with the help of this hands free bottle holder that fits most any 16-20 ounce bottle

You need: Clear nail polish/4 feet of cotton or polypropylene belt webbing for the strap/1 rubber O ring/2 no sew dungaree buttons

Note O ring from hardware store plumbing department Take a bottle to the store to test the fit

How to

To prevent fraying, brush clear nail polish onto both ends of the webbing and allow to dry
Feed 2-3 inches of the webbing through the O Ring and secure with a dungaree button Push the tack through the webbing, place the button on the point, and press firmly together

Repeat for the other end of the webbing. Be careful no to twist it before you attach the second button Decorate the strap if you like Slip the O ring over the neck of the water bottle

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