Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Easy Crafts with Photos

To create a distinctive display of photos choose unexpected "frames" such as a silver platter,a mirror,dessert plates,even a gravy boat. Scan your pictures onto your computer,print and cut them out. Mount them using double stick archival tape.
A collection of family photos is an easy, meaningful embellishment for a porcelain platter. Cut a piece of paper the same size as the platter. Edit your photos and print in sepia tone. Cut out photos and attach them to the paper. Have the whole thing laminated and attach the laminated sheet to the platter.
Keep track of important dates in style with a personalized wall calendar. Fabric covered foam board provides a base on which two smaller boards are glued. The bottom board includes a monthly calendar and attached with brads. The op board is covered with batting and photos printed onto canvas paper pieces that are stitched together;ribbon and buttons hide the stitches.
To create the photo clock,remove the numbers and hands from a clock face,size and print a photo, attach it with double sided tape and replace the hands.Or mount the photo on any flat surface, drill a hole in the center, and attach a clock kit from the back.

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