Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Advice to Cut Clutter

Step up for Space --- Problem You have limited space in your bathroom,but desperately need storage

Solution-- Use an old wooden ladder as decorative shelves. In the bath, stack it with hand towels and potions. Keep CDs and DVDs at your fingertips in the media room. Or rest small wire baskets for fresh fruit in the kitchen. For added stability on a A frame ladders,drill holes in the side opposite the steps and add dowel rods-they also make great display bars for hanging objects.
Cuts Crafts Clutter-- Problem: your scissors and hole punches are taking over your craft room table.

Solution-- Keep scissors handy by looping a cord through the handle and hanging the pair on a cup hook attached to a shelf. Store wrapping paper rolls upright in an umbrella stand or wastebasket.Use fishing tackle boxes to organize small sundry items such as threads,buttons,beads, and scrapbook embellishments.

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