Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bath Snowballs

Here's another Mother's Day gift idea, that I think you will like. These fragrant spheres for the bath are made by packing Epsom salts into plastic molds. The bath "snowballs" can be tinted any color. You'll need 3-4 days to make the bath balls because of the drying time between steps. Makes 2 large or 4 small balls

You need

2 cups Epsom salts
2 tablespoons water
A few drops essential oil
1 drop of food coloring
Large or small round bath ball molds, storage jars

How to

Stir together Epsom salt and water in a mixing bowl. Add oil, 1 drop at a time until strength of scent is to your liking. Add food coloring 1 drop at a time until desired shade is achieved;stir until color is even throughout

Spoon a generous amount of mixture into 1/1 of a bath ball mold.Pack firmly. Repeat,packing mixture into second half of mold. Press piece together until they connect. Remove top half of mold very carefully. Let bath ball stand, mold side down, overnight,set ball on an overturned jar lid to keep it from tipping over

Remove mold carefully.Invert, and let ball dry completely, 2-3 days more

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