Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rainbow Garden Trellis

Think outside the fence!! This free form trellis-made of garden stakes and painted by hand-gives veggies and vines a colorful place to climb

You need

Handsaw/6 wooden garden stakes /hammer /1- 1/4 inch wire brads/paintbrush and paint

How to

Saw two stakes into 15 inch lengths and two into 20 inch lengths For this trellis they cut seven 15 inch lengths and four 20 inch lengths

Lay two remaining uncut stakes parallel on a flat surface, roughly a foot apart. Lay a 15 inch length horizontally across the tops of both stakes,then nail it in place

Leaving 18 inches of stake clear for inserting into the ground,nail on the remaining horizontal and diagonal pieces in a configuration you like. For stability, you'll need at least three horizontal rungs.

Paint and let dry.

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