Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ultimate Craft Organization Solutions

Wall Organizer--A plate rack with vertical dividers,a shelf, and a row of hooks provide flexibility for storing scrapbook paper,stickers, photo files, completed pages, unfinished work, and other inspiration. Use the dividers to file magazine, folders, and notepads, too. Label each divider so items are easy to find.
Coat rack Storage --Look for underutilized spaces with strong storage potential,such as bare walls. A simple coat rack provides versatile crafts storage for children or adults, especially when hung over a two seater table

Pin Up Boards--A pair of small cork boards provides a pretty place to hang scrapbook ready mementos ,crafts to do idea,or supply lists. Stack three cake stands for tiered crafts storage. Anything you get off the counter instantly expands your available work surface.

Hanging Craft Organizer-- A shallow hanging cupboard provides plenty of storage for small items, such as crafts supplies. Hang one cupboard or a pair wherever more put away space is needed. Add finials to the top to corral wrapping paper .

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