Friday, April 23, 2010

Ladybug Rocks

Here's a cute idea for the little one's to make for a Mother's Day gift. They could make a couple little ones for a shelf decoration and a larger one to be used on Mom's desk as a paperweight. Ladybug's are usually red, let the children pick the color they wish.

You need

Smooth,round or oval rocks washed and dried
Craft paint
Wiggle eyes
Permanent marker
White craft glue

How to
Completely wash and dry all the rocks. Paint the rocks in desired color and allow to dry. Apply a second or third coat of paint if needed

Paint the head using black paint . There is no pattern needed, simply paint about 1/4 of the rock black

Use a marker to draw a straight line down the center of the rock,starting at the center of the base of the head

Use the other end of the paint brush or an eraser, to make the dots Once the paint is dry spray the rock with sealer Let dry Then attach the wiggle eyes and let dry

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