Thursday, April 29, 2010

Paper Plate Mother's Day Card

Make a sweet card for Mom out of a simple paper plate. This craft is geared toward the younger child.

You need paper plate/construction paper/black marker /pen or pencil/scissors/glue stick

How to

Fold paper plate in half:Fold a sheet of light blue construction paper in half and place folded paper plate on to the paper. Trace around the plate and set aside

Cut out your flower pattern. Trace pattern onto yellow,pink and purple construction paper. Cut out flowers Cut 3 strips of green paper 1/2 x 4

Glue stems and flowers to the folded paper plate Trim stems

Use a marker to write MOM on the flowers

Take the folded blue paper with the paper plate outline and draw a curvy line along the inside of the curved edge

Cut out the curvy piece,cutting through the folded paper,creating two identical pieces
Glue the blue curvy pieces to the outside of the front of the card and the bottom of the inside if the card

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