Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mother's Day Gifts from the Heart

Here's a few more ideas for Mother's Day!! What a Dish- Turn children's drawings into decorative plates. Scan the art and print onto water transfer paper,available at crafts stores. Trim as closely as you can around the printed image,then place the paper in water until the decal slips easily from the backing. Position the decal on the plate and smooth out wrinkles and bubbles. When it's dry, seal the artwork with spray varnish. Mom will cherish them forever

Pretty Pansy Tray --Give Mom a vintage looking service tray lined in pansy motifs
Make color photocopies of vintage or new floral motif cards,then trim them and arrange on an antique finish serving tray. Keeping the arrangement , use thick white crafts glue to attach the copies in place Let dry
Arrange and glue on dried,pressed pansies and ferns where desired Let dry. Thin glue with water;coat decoupaged areas of tray
Pretty Pencil Holder-- Floral motifs cut from decorative papers beautify this set of pencils and holder-a perfect gift for Mom to take to the office or crafting station
You need
Ceramic toothbrush holder/scissors/craft glue/paintbrush/glass paint/decorative paper with flower pattern
How to
Wash dry holder. Choose a solid color paint that will coordinate with the decorative papers
Using scissors,cut out flowers or other printed images from scraps of pretty paper and attach to the holder with thick white crafts glue.
Cut decorative paper to cover each pencil,allowing a slight overlap. Glue the paper around each pencil
Dip the handle of a paintbrush into similar color of glass paint and dot the center of each flower. Place dots in groups of three between the flowers

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