Friday, April 2, 2010

Hostess Gifts

Here;s a couple of idea's for Hostess gifts that you might want to use.

Flower Arranging Gift Kit-- Your favorite gardener will appreciate a kit for arranging flowers that she can use again and again. Pack all the essentials inside a jar that's attractive enough to double as a vase. Include a floral frog to keep stems in place,floral clay to anchor the frog,shears, a floral preservative , and a stem stripper for removing leaves from woody stems. You might want to include a bouquet of fresh flowers
Pie Carrier --A freshly baked pie is always a welcome gift--even more so when it comes wrapped inside this unusual but sensible container. A bamboo steamer is the ideal size to transport a pie to your hostess's door and can hold two pies at once. After placing a lid on the steamer secure with a piece of twill tape tied in a bow

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