Friday, April 16, 2010

Hot Rod Backpack Straps

Some little guys we know don't like leaving their cars at home. Now they don't have to. Thanks to the miracle of Velcro,favorite vehicles can hitch a ride on kids' backpack straps, where they are both cool looking and available for action

You need: 4 or more strips of heavy duty adhesive Velcro sized to fit your cars/4 or more Hot Wheels or other small cars

How to

Measure and cut fastener strips for the cars' undersides. If the undersides are fairly flat,simply cut out strips that fit between the two sets of wheels. For uneven undersides, cut out separate, smaller strips of fastener to fit the flat areas. Press the adhesive firmly into place

Measure and cut fastener strips for the backpack straps,making sure they're long and wide enough to hold your cars.Press the strips firmly onto the straps. Let the adhesive set for several hours, at least,before attaching cars

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