Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mother's Day Gifts from the Heart

A Mother's Day Candle -- Turn ordinary candles into shining stars with family photos and embellishments. Print photos or digital designs onto tissue paper and cut out the images. Wrap the candles with the tissue paper and keep it in place with straight pins. A heat gun will melt the wax until it saturates and coats the tissue paper. Embed a brad in the candle to secure the flowers
Cd Case Picture Frame --Combine a picture frame and custom music mix into one inexpensive gift.Cut a piece of decorative card stock the width of the jewel case and twice its length;fold in half. On the front,attach a favorite photo layered on one or two "mats" Slip the photo card into the jewel case with the fold on the outside, and use the back flap to hold the case open as a frame

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