Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rose Petal Vase

A bunch of dainty spray roses, gently clasped by a little rose petal vase, would make a lovely gift for Mom

You need

Silk rose petals/floral shears/sobo glue/plastic cup or another container 6 inches tall /disposable paintbrush

How to

Buy silk roses and remove the petals from the stems,trimming them with floral shears or buy loose silk petals

Using the foam paintbrush, dab a thin layer of glue around the top rim of the container. Press the base of the first rose petal onto the glue, letting the top of the petal extend over the rim,press additional petals onto the glue,overlapping one over another

Once you've covered the rim,brush a small amount of glue over the bases of the petals,for a secure hold. Brush another thin layer of glue on the outside of the container below the attached petals, and press on more petals by their bases, concealing the glued portion of top layer with tips of petal. Continue until container is covered.

Fill with their favorite roses.

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